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The Lucky Strike Gold and Gem Mine

We are open to the public all year 8:00 AM till 7:00 PM daily except DEC 25.

Welcome To The Lucky Strike Gold and Gem Mine

The Lucky Strike is a gold and gem mine with a campground that is committed to making sure our visitors have a memorable outing. You can take a step back in time to the days of yesteryear by taking a pan or sluice box into the stream. Gold Panning, sluicing, and crevising are popular ways of prospecting in the river. You don't need complicated equipment for recreational gold mining. Enjoy the outdoors and bring your family and friends to share in the fun. A full day of gold panning, sluicing or crevising in the river is only $5.00. Keep all you find! Experience the thrill of that golden gleam in your pan that only finding your first flake of gold can give. It immediately inflicts you with what the old timers called gold fever. Beware; when you see that first glint of gold in your pan you will be hooked! Gold fever has no cure but to hunt for more gold. We have Gold Panning at the flume line with local ore from the Second Broad River. When you get tired or hungry you can visit the Miners Diner , located next to the covered panning area and have a delicious Bonanza burger or Klondike dog with a frosty glass of Sluice Juice. So come and enjoy the day mining for gold in The Second Broad river or just sit and relax at The Miners Diner with a huge Bonanza Burger or a mouthwatering Klondike Dog, and a refreshing glass of Sluice Juice (ice tea).

Winter News Update

The cabin winter cost is now $75 per night. This is because the grill is closed at the diner and the breakfast is not offered Nov 15th - March 15th. All other services are available.

Each Friday night is Bingo for prizes after a pot luck dinner at 6:00 PM. The bingo sheets have 2 cards for $5 and any extra sheets are $.25. These games are raising fast water rescue equipment for the Fire Department.

Dec 15th is the night for the VMRC Christmas dinner and party. Men bring a gift for a man and ladies for a lady and children should do the same. This is for the dirty Santa gift exchange and gift is not needed if not playing the game.